Majesty Connections

Connecting you with His Majesty, the only Connection that Matters


Every man carries a suitcase, How you unpack your suitcase is going to determine the kind of man you’re going to become

Join KingzMen meeting themed ‘UNPACKING’ this Saturday to explore.

Love Reigns

Holy Communion & Night Vigil

Join us on Friday 30th April 2021


In 2021 I declare God’s blessings over my life.

Throughout this year I will experience the explosion, sudden widespread, exceeding, abundant, surpassing, unlimited, immeasurable, above-and-beyond increase of God’s goodness everyday

God will restore me fully. Supernatural doors will open for me. I will move forward. In Jesus name – amen

Welcome to Majesty Connections

Your New Place of Worship

Welcome to MAJESTY CONNECTIONS (MC), a church on the cutting edge where we connect you with His Majesty.

What a joy! you have taken time to visit our website today.  It is our delight to give you an insight into the church, tell you our hopes and aspirations and answer any question you may have about us.

If you are looking for spiritual belonging, friendship, fellowship or encouragement of any kind, then come see us.

We have an open door, open arms policy. We accept people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Our church is growing and we are always inviting new members. We aim to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Come experience our uplifting messages, great music and friendly community.

Our Ministries


KingzMen is the outreach arm of the Men’s Ministry of RCCG Majesty Connections.

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The ‘Kingz Daughters’ is the women ministry of Majesty Connections church. 

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The ‘Kingz Ambassadors’ is the youth ministry of RCCG Majesty  Connections. 

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Need Help, Support or Prayer?

Majesty Connections exists to serve the local community in any way we can, using the resources available to us. If you think we can belp in any way, simply send in your details using the HELP button on the side of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may call us for assistance.

44 (0) 7424 660 862

We accept donations

Click the button below if you want to donate to Majesty Connections

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