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No Limits

So many people live with the cover on their life. All the creativity and adventure are stored away and never used. Why are you setting a boundary for yourself? Most people limit themselves because they're scared of what other people might think. One of the saddest things to say about somebody is, 'They had such potential'. Listen to me, nothing about potential is definite. You could live your whole life full of potential but never do anything with it, what good is that then? Don't be that person today. You are filled with potentials so you can do the things that challenge you.

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More Than a Quiver in the Liver

In our culture, love is grossly misdefined. In fact, we use the word ‘love’ so much that we’ve destroyed its meaning. The world says love is a ‘feeling’. Love does affect my feelings powerfully, but love is more than just a quiver in my liver!  - in fact, if love is just a feeling, we are in deep trouble because feelings change so often!

One thing I’ve found is that Real love doesn't leave you guessing, you could always tell through the actions. Real love isn't only chocolates and flowers. Real love is pure as a snowfall but could also be painful as thorns. Ask Hosea. This holy man was asked to marry and have children with a prostitute. He was asked to keep on loving his wife, even though she was heading for a world record in bed-hopping. If there was ever a woman with serious commitment issues, this was it. But Hosea chooses to stick with her and chooses to see beauty over baggage. You may not have the same issues as Hosea’s unfaithful wife but some of us are walking contradictions when it comes to the issue of love, blowing hot one minute, cold the next.

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Passion Your Way to Greatness

When God gives you an assignment He gives you all that's needed to fulfil it. In fact, working out what you have passion for helps you figure out your calling. Winston Churchill said, 'To each there comes in his or her lifetime a special moment when they are tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talent. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour. Its hard enough to discover your USP, if you discover your passion for something, get up and do it, don’t be bound by the traditions of men and subtle discouragements couched as goodwill advice.

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The Final Analysis

Being responsible is about making good choices instead of doing something stupid and regretting it for the rest of your life. We all love the idea of a better world, city, or community. Maybe you've even been praying for God to do something, but has it ever occurred to you that God might have already done something! - creating you!

Chief Judge Alexander Saunders said in a graduation speech to a group of university students: 'As responsibility is passed to your hands it will not do to assume that someone else will bear the major burdens, that someone else will demonstrate the key convictions, that someone else will be elected Member of Parliament, take care of the poor, visit the sick, protect civil rights, enforce the law, transmit value, and defend freedom. What you do not value will not be valued, what you do not remember will not be remembered, what you do not change will not be changed, what you do not do will not be done. You can, if you will, craft a society whose leaders are less obsessed with the need for money. It's not a question of what to do, but simply the will to do it.'

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The Road to Your First Million

Stop being a Goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold, just, right. Unless you're willing to risk getting involved you're not going to know what you're good at. The road to success is never mistake-free. But then, neither is the road to failure. The choice is yours. If you are not smarter than most people, be willing to work harder than most. Success stems from the ability to question prevailing wisdom. If you can figure out that it is wrong, you are likely to make a lot of money.

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U king

Everyman would love to be a king or at least live like one. But not everyman could pay the price of being a king. Being a king isn’t about the type or size of your car, your house, bank balance etc. Kingship is characterized by strong convictions, courageous moral choices, a servant spirit, righteous energy and righteous leadership.

Kingship is about the love of right over comfort and circumstances. It is that thing that makes a man refuse to cheat on a business deal, it’s what makes a man keep his promise even when keeping the promise is extremely difficult. It’s what makes a man make good on his debt, risks his own life to save another person, makes him say no when propositioned by a female companion on a business trip. It’s what makes a man refuse to take advantage of someone else, stand up to a good friend whose life is out of control, and risks the friendship in order to call the friend back to what is noble, and what is just.

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