Bob Ireland crossed the finish line on Thursday, November 6, 1986, as the New York City Marathon’s 19,413th and final finisher – the first person to run a marathon with his arms instead of his legs! Bob, who was 40 years old, had his legs blown off in Vietnam. He recorded the slowest time in the marathon’s history: 4 days, 2 hours, 48 minutes, 17 seconds. When asked why he ran, he gave three reasons, he said to show that being a Christian gives you a plus in life, to test his conditioning and to promote physical fitness and courage in others.

Bob was convinced success is not based on where you start, ‘it’s where you finish. Are you a starter – finisher? Bob finished the marathon with His arms! With two good legs and good health not many are prepared to get out of bed an hour earlier to discover and pursue their destiny.

Success always comes at a price. The famous poet John Milton got up at 4 o’clock every morning to have enough hours for writing Paradise Lost. Noah Webster spent 36 long years writing his dictionary. David Beckham would stay at Man United’s training ground longer than all the other players to practice those bendy shots. Go ahead, measure yourself by that standard! Then ask yourself ‘have I got what it takes?