Being ‘fruitful’ means accomplishing as much as possible with the resources and talents you have that’s why comparing yourself to others is a mistake. Success isn’t being the one that does the most amongst many, it’s accomplishing as much as possible, given your gifts, your opportunities and your circumstances.

Do you ever feel like you keep getting knocked down, and as soon as you pick yourself up and brush off the dust, you’re knocked down again? It makes you feel like a failure, doesn’t it? but get this – YOU’RE NOT! every time you’re knocked down, if you stop and look, you’ll learn something. So although it may not feel like you’re getting anywhere, when you look back you’ll see that with each fall, you’ve taken a little step further forwards.

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives because people around you are spending all their time trying to make you feel like a loser and a failure. You don’t want them to win do you? No! So next time you’re knocked down and feeling down in the dumps, try saying ‘Stuff you satan, you’re not going to keep me down’, and keep going with a smile on your face, thinking about what you can learn from the latest fall. Getting knocked down certainly doesn’t make you a failure – but getting back up can really make you a success.