You may not have thought about it much before but your life is a direct result of the things you believe deep down inside. These basic ideas are called values, they function as your anchor. Without values you’re adrift like a boat on the sea without an anchor. Any storm can take you under, any current can carry you off to places you don’t want to go. But with values, you’ve an anchor that holds you steady, even when the sea of life gets really choppy as they sometimes do.

Seasons change. Relationships change. Circumstances change. Goals change. But values don’t! Like a compass they are 100% reliable, always pointing toward the magnetic north. Is living this way easy? Absolutely No! The people around you might take the Mickey when you stick with your values, irrespective of the cost. Those whose values are different from yours will try to convince you to lower your standards. Don’t do it!

People without values follow popular opinions, trends and fads only for them to realise suddenly that ‘the ladder they’ve been climbing is leaning against the wrong wall.’ Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by ensuring you are deeply anchored and hook up – to Godly values.