I know it’s a jaw breaker but when you actually break it down, it basically means ability to bounce back (resiliency). So what I’m saying is this, how resilient are you? Wise people learn not to dread, but to welcome the pain of problems. People handle trauma in two ways; they give up because they are afraid or they grow up by developing the capacity to handle it. What makes the difference? Instead of acting like victims, resilient people assert control and take charge of their lives, refuse to let go of their values, find God’s purpose in the problem and refocus on their goal.

When you find yourself between the rock and the hard places, what do you do? Going back is so often easier than pushing forward. It’s always easier to call it a day than run another lap! One of the attributes that makes for a fulfilled life is discipline, without it there can be no spiritual, emotional or psychological growth. Factors that help to maintain discipline are: sacrificing present comfort for future gains, accepting responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions, honesty, both in word and deed and handling conflicting requirements in a balanced way.

It’s in meeting and solving problems that we grow mentally and spiritually. So today if you’re thinking, God it’s too hard, I want out, just hang in there, don’t give up. Remember, you grow up by remaining faithful in situations you don’t like.