Has anyone ever told you, you could do better or called you a ‘waste of space’ or that ‘you’re not good enough’? It can be really difficult to walk around carrying other people’s opinions about yourself. Maybe you say to yourself, ‘It doesn’t matter what they think, what do they know?’ But truthfully we all know that words sometimes stick to us like glue and we very easily end up agreeing with them.

What do you believe to be true about yourself today? How many negative things do you say about yourself, or worse actually believe to be true about you? When people say negative things about us we can start to believe that we are ‘a nothing’ or ‘a-nobody’ we can feel unloved, unwanted, useless, a person of no significance’. If you dwell on the negative things people say about you or dwell on your past mistakes, you’ll feel like a failure, that’s pointless.

Andre Agassi was once asked what the key was to competing successfully in lawn tennis. He said that every point he played, he played it like it was his first. He disciplined himself not to focus on the last point; no matter how good it was. If he focused on that he might fall into the trap of pride and get sloppy in his game. If he focused on the bad points he would fear another mistake.

Listen here, God doesn’t see things the way you see them. He sees you as you really are: His perfect creation packed full of potential! You are someone He has chosen to use. In fact, He has things only you can do – there’s no one else better for the job! That’s how brilliant you are to God. Look at yourself through God’s eyes today – see how terrific you really are.